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Honestly, I'm wondering why it took me so long to decide I was going to make a shrine to Zelda (and apparently all my friends have been wondering the same thing too). My domain is named after her, plus I own her fanlisting so what gives? I have no idea. Perhaps I thought such a task to be too daunting and therefore never bothered to try––which is quite likely––or even maybe because I have the fanlisting I thought there was no reason to make a shrine. So then why, after all this time, did I finally decide to make a shrine to Zelda? Well, to be honest it was because I wanted an excuse to use an artwork of Zelda from Hyrule Warriors in a layout (although I ended up not sticking with the image I was originally gonna use) and I figured I may as well try and make a shrine for her, too, so here we are!

The site was formerly known as Hyrule's Princess which was thought up by the previous owner of the Zelda fanlisting. When I adopted it from her I decided to keep the name as I couldn't think of anything else to call it. When I turned the fanlisting into a shrine some years later I renamed it to Lullaby which I really like and feel it fits Zelda. The fanlisting part of the site was adopted from Haley of the late Overstuffed-Closet.net on July 3, 2011. I am eternally grateful to her for the chance to run the fanlisting for this amazing princess. Work on the shrine began in June of 2014 and after much procrastination and motivation troubles the shrine was finally finished on February 5, 2015. I'm a horrible person for taking so long.

Currently we are on version 3 of the site which uses one of Zelda's absolutely gorgeous Hyrule Warriors official artwork. It was made by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and then coded by hand using Notepad. The image used in the layout was found at Zelda Wiki and patterns used came from Subtle Patterns. Textures used were found at the late Aethereality.net which is sadly no longer online. The fonts used are called AR BERKLEY and Times New Roman which were default with my computer. Credit goes to Zelda Wiki for some information and images used on this site. Lastly, a special shout out to Tara for the image I was originally gonna use which had inspired me to make the shrine to begin with and Aku for helping me figure out how to fix my footer problem with the layout. You girls rock! ♥ Previous layouts used may be found at my layout archive.

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