The princess.

You've reached the shrine section of Lullaby which contains general, analytical, and opinionated information about Princess Zelda. What can I say? She's a fun character to write things about. Just a reminder that this section is likely to contain unmarked spoilers.

  • Introduction » About The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Overview » General information about Princess Zelda.
  • Appearance » The way she looks and the clothing she wears.
  • Evolution » A look at Princess Zelda over the years.
  • Wisdom » A fragment of the Triforce and its relation to her.
  • Alter egos » Because she can't be a princess all the time.
  • Relationships » Those closest whom she interacts with.
  • Favorites » My favorite incarnations of Princess Zelda.
  • Defense » Zelda ain't your typical damsel in distress.
  • Playlist » Zelda's theme song and my favorite remixes.
  • My thoughts » The reasons as to why I like Zelda.