I am Zelda, princess of Hyrule.

Greetings and welcome to Lullaby, Crystal's modest shrine to the beautiful Princess Zelda of the Legend of Zelda series. Wise beyond her years Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom. She is a very dear character to me which has often left me wondering what on Earth took me so long to create this shrine. All I know is I'm happy I made the attempt. She was super fun to write about, and hopefully as you browse through the site you'll understand why I love her as much as I do. Be warned, however, that this site is likely going to be filled with unmarked spoilers so do be sure to watch your step! If you happen to have any comments or questions regarding anything around the site feel free to contact me. Other than that I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Lullaby is also home to the one and only fanlisting for Princess Zelda, proudly listed at The Fanlistings Network and The Anime Fanlistings Network. If you are a fan of this lovely princess then don't forget to join the fanlisting! Be warned that the majority of the shrine will focus on Zelda as she appears in the video game series and possibly certain manga adaptations. I have not played every single game unfortunately, but I will try my best nonetheless. Anything else you'd like to know may be found at this page.